Sewing Minky Cuddle Blankets

My two little nieces have put in a request for snuggly cuddle blankets to keep them warm as we head into winter. I haven't seen them in a while but I did have one key piece of intelligence, Little Miss Almost Four is mad obsessed with unicorns right now. Apparently ponies are also 'pretty good', but we all have to agree they're not in the same league as unicorns.

Sadly, a quick search through my quite substantial fabric stash failed turn up a single piece of unicorn fabric, but a fortuitous trip to Spotlight turned up the perfect fabric. Brand new on the shelf and meeting all Little Miss Almost Four's exacting requirements: soft, cuddly and covered in unicorns.

And I found something equally acceptable for the little sister too. 

The blankets were quick and easy to make. For each blanket, I cut out two pieces of minky fabric 130cm x 160cm (52 inches x 63 inches). This was an arbitrary measurement, smaller than a singlet bed size, but larger than a cot quilt size. I also cut out a piece of wadding the same size.

One piece of minky fabric for each blanket was stretchy, so (after a failed attempt to just sew it all together without stabilising the edge, and lets face it, I really should know better by now), I ironed interfacing along the stretchy edge to stabilise the edge while I sewed the blanket together.

Lay out the two pieces of fabric with right sides together. 

Lay the wadding on top.

Pin the three layers together and trim any excess fabric and wadding so all edges are even. 

Sew around the edges of the blanket using a straight stitch on the sewing machine, leaving a gap in the stitching of approximately 10cm (4 inches), to turn the blanket the right way out. 

Trim the corners close to the stitch line, to aid with turning the blanket right side out.

Turn the blanket right side out through the opening. 

Hand stitch the opening closed. 

The blankets are now complete. You can add quilting across the blankets if you wish, but I haven't bothered to do this in the past as I like how snuggly they feel without it. Let's hope Miss Almost Four and her little sister approve.