Pirate Costume with Quick, Easy Pirate Bandana

This blog post is inspired by an unhemmed pirate bandana found in my sewing pile of unfinished objects. Long ago, in the magical parenting days of dress ups and make believe adventures, I made a bandana to serve as part of a pirate costume. Now, while I had planned on making two bandanas, and it's twin was faithfully cut out with good intentions, it has since been languishing in that murky pile of unfinished sewing projects for probably about 8-10 years. I decided it was time to finally liberate it from the pile and set it free to head off on pirating adventures (although now, I imagine it's only outing will be to get free donuts from Krispy Kreme on "Talk Like a Pirate Day," anyone else have teenagers obsessed with free food?).

A bandana is a super, quick, easy addition to a pirate costume. The following instructions will make 2 pirate bandanas.

Cut a square of fabric 64cm x 64cm (25 inches x 25 inches)

Cut your fabric in half diagonally to form two triangles.

Hem the edges using a narrow hem or a zigzag stitch along the edges.

Your pirate bandana is now complete!

The original pirate bandana in action many years ago.

The rest of the costume was made by adapting The Little Milkmaid pattern.
The lace up vest was made as per The Little Milkmaid pattern.
The long sleeve peasant top was made by lengthening the sleeves of the peasant top pattern.
The skirt was made by changing the round hem of the skirt to a handkerchief hem.