Easy, DIY Medal Holder Tutorial

Medals earned are usually treasured possessions. They are often a symbol of hard work and dedication, and are filled with memories of events attended and moments with friends. A medal holder is an easy way to display those precious medals, so we created this quick, easy, DIY Gym Medal Holder that can even made by kids with some supervision (use your own judgement on this one).

To make a Medal Holder you will need:

  • A piece of wood to form the backboard. It will need to be long enough to fit any letters you would like to add to the top. We found a wavy piece of wood at the hardware store which was just the right length.
  • Wooden letters or shapes to form a word or a name at the top of your medal holder.
  • Three screw-in hooks for hanging the medals on (or however many you desire).
  • Two screw-in picture hooks
  • Framing Wire
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint
  • Hammer and a nail.

To make the Medal Holder:

1.Paint the backboard, letters and shapes if desired.

2.Use a pencil to mark the placement for your hooks. Measure with a ruler to ensure they are evenly spaced across the backboard.

3.Use a hammer and nail to create a hole to screw the hooks into. Hammer the nail part way into the wood and then remove the nail. This will leave a hole that will enable you to screw in the hooks more easily. You can also use a drill for this step if you have one.

4.Use a pencil to mark the correct position for the placement of hooks on the side of the backboard. Use a hammer and nail to create a small hole to screw the picture hooks into.

5.Screw hooks to hold your medals into the front of the backboard.

6.Screw the picture hooks screws into the ends of your backboard.

7.Glue the letters along the top of the holder.

8.Attach wire to the screw-in picture hooks.

9.Hang the holder on the wall and add your medals.

10.Stand back and admire your finished product and all your shiny medals on display.